Wait no more, free up your time with VR

Capture your most important notes quickly, easily and accurately through the #1 Medical Voice Recognition solution.


An efficient process is critical for optimized documentation workflow. There is one name that doctors trust in providing accurate speech to text capability, Dragon Medical 360. Dictation gets from mobile device to transcription accurately and transcribed even faster. 

You will always have the most updated speech recognition engine technology allowing you to dictate and transcribe faster and more accurately than ever before. SIS will save you time and money utilizing speech-to-text. Details of skills include handling demanding physicians, optimizing accuracy with various accents, and working with noisy environments.


Voice Recognition + SIS

Our transcription system provides a secure, safe, accurate and portable cloud‑based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of mobile devices and is compatible with all leading EHRs. Coupled with SIS integration and a robust mobile online platform, it's never been easier, faster and more cost-effective.  


Transcription Pipeline Management

Reduce dependencies on outsourced transcription services and/or eliminate transcription bottlenecks. Deployed enterprise-wide at healthcare organizations, the SIS solution is dependable, accurate, improves turnaround time, increases productivity, and reduces costs without interfering with clinician workflow.


Transcription End-Game

SIS gives your physicians the time the patients need to receive the care they deserve.

Give patients a reason to continue seeing you through better care as you have more time for what really matters.


Update EHR with Voice-to-Text Integration

Automatically pull text from dictated reports and auto-populate fields in EMR/EHR to save up to three times the physicians' and staffs' time thereby reducing the overall cost of reports. Voice recognition is trained internally using AI, meaning there is no training required to use the software. 

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