Mobile App

Transcription From Anywhere

Physicians are short on time and need to view appointments, find reports, dictate reports, edit transcription, and sign documents all before lunch. Whether you're at the office or on the go, SIS provides each clinician with a state-of-the-art Mobile App to complete your most important tasks anywhere anytime and on any device.

What is your Why for Mobile


Mobile app allows for a quick overview of the day and look at your schedule. SIS mobile app will also allow you to select the patient on your schedule and attach the patient information to each report. Allowing patients still in dictation status to be found faster and view which patients have not been dictated on.  

Online Access

Our web-based mobile app accommodates physicians allowing them to view document types and templates reminding them important areas of dictations. The app also allows the physicians to quickly view past medical history of the patient to support the doctors ability to stay current on patient's prior information.

Finalize Reports

SIS mobile app allows physicians to securely and effortlessly edit their transcribed reports online as well as sign their reports when they have free time.  We provide an easy to use and secure signing process for our clients with no additional fees. We want our clients to focus on revenue generating activities not paperwork or processes that can be automated.


Management Capabilities

  • Patient Schedule - Track daily schedule
  • Selectable Patient - Place patient demos into report
  • Add Referral Information - Automatically adds referrals to report
  • Append Feature - Append new dictations to completed reports
  • Track Status - Physicians can view what was uploaded and typed - never missing documents


Interconnected Workflow

  • Track Reports - Reports automatically follow program workflow
  • Full Function - Physicians can click, view, edit sign reports
  • Next Step - Reports go to staff to print, ship, and bill
  • Reassurance - Remove risk with demographics linked to the voice file
  • Settings - Accommodate your complex requirements of your specialty 


Integrated Solution

Mobile Device

  • Real-Time - All changes made on app is transferred to all devices so office staff is on same page
  • Onboarding - New physicians are added in minutes
  • Completed - Files are automatically integrated into the EMR, faxed, printed
  • Programmed - Customized workflow to meet your needs
  • Speed - Real time upload and routing


24/7 Accessibility

Always sign and edit reports quickly through the mobile app setting and remind staff/physicians when reports are ready. This helps to streamline and increase document turn around times and keep the process going.


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