Medical Transcription

Do everything in one place on any device

Get your clinic on board with a mobile online portal customized to meet the special needs of your practice. It's one integrated reporting platform that gives all your stakeholders a single, shared view of every patient.

Our Goal is to Simplify Retrieving Reports


Login Access

With your increasing workflow, SIS' robust system allows itself to grow as you grow. From unlimited user logins and access, allowing each user unique password and authorized roles, to searching files, signing, printing files, and running reports, trancription has never been easier. 


Understanding Workflow

Inquiry is built to find reports easily and quickly to your unique practice operations. Our automated workflow sends your transcribed reports automatically to the appropriate folder based on clinician, document type, and rules coded into each voice file. SIS customizes automated steps to ensure that all files are delivered to the appropriate person quickly and efficiently. 


Keeping Reports Consistent

SIS keeps your physicians and office staff happy with reports that come back with less questions or corrections through customization, assigning the doctor with the same qualified typist and using programmed templates so the transcriptionist can efficiently follow for quality control and accuracy. 


Simplify the Documentation Process

SIS allows physicians to create/edit/manage documents anywhere using a mobile device or computer in real time. Users have access to all patient's work list, past history, and history to save time, increase productivity and reduce redundancy or lost files. SIS will replicate any clinician workflow including report routing, templates and speech recognition.


Gain Control of Document Cost

SIS uses a three prong approach to lower costs: Qualified Text, EHR/EMR Integration, and Voice Recognition. The SIS system is all inclusive and has no hidden or compounding fees. It simply decreases the number of transcribed lines and controls document costs.


Inquiry Online Features


SIS' state-of-the-art all inclusive Medical Record Dashboard (Inquiry), ensures your patient portal is organized and customized to find patient records by name, ID, SSN, etc. 


SIS provides a way to communicate with your staff 24/7 from anywhere regarding STAT dictations, reports with questions to physician's action required, signatures, etc. We work with your office staff to indicate STAT reports and marking them for your staff to review. We will also communicate with your office staff via color categorized comment tags, to indicating what is addressed and the level of importance. 

Search all

Whether your patients or outside offices are requesting patient information, SIS provides a way for your staff to quickly search patient information with the "search all" tool. Your staff can get reports out quickly and get back to helping the practice grow. Inquiry in combination with the Mobile App, will further help locate patients yet to be dictated, with the capability to mark STAT to avoid spending time listening to each voice file to locate.  

Online Report Editor

SIS portal is a full-service platform that allows the office and physician to locate, edit, sign and print large batch of reports. The portal provides a way to finalize reports, track all changes and monitor delivery times in order to better track the progress of reports and ensure reports are delivered promptly without compromising the integrity.

Inquiry access anywhere on any device


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