Automate EMR/EHR Solution

Populate your EMR/EHR easily with top-of-the-line tools and technology to make your office staff and physician's life easier using SIS all-in-one state-of-the-art transcription platform


A Transcription Portal that talks to your EHR/EMR

SIS streamlines workflow, giving the end-user the ability to view/edit/sign reports straight from the EMR.  SIS utilizes HL-7 scripts to send transcription directly to the EMR/EHR, giving the end-user more flexibility than ever before.  All interface and programming takes place with SIS, having zero affect on client.  Once connection is established, patient data is sent directly to your EMR/EHR and filed in the patient's portion of the EMR allowing staff and physicians complete access to the patient information and giving a true history of the patient.  

Transcription Seamlessly Interfacing with your EHR/EMR

Do you live in your EMR/EHR? does SIS.  

SIS allows you to interface directly into your 

EMR/EHR so you don't need to switch 

between programs.

  • Automatically updates patient information
  • Auto populates EMR/EHR fields/records 
  • Manages your patient files without leaving your EHR


Unparalleled Experience For Your Office

Automatic file transfer will always ensure reporting is 

accurate and timely. When you combine SIS and your 

EHR/EMR it is a powerful force.

  • Your whole office will always stay connected
  • Your office will never deal with lost files again
  • Find your patient information faster with tracking 
  • All report changes in real time 

Complete Department of Developers

Our developers walk your office through the integration 

process to ensure proper implementation. We are 

capable of meeting your demands, keeping costs down, 

and being available to you 24/7.

  • Software developers with deep industry knowledge
  • Access to our US based developers 
  • Ready to implement into all EHR/EMR


Reduce Costs by Automating Type Text

SIS uses qualified text to decrease typed lines, as well as free automated fixed sections, allowing your office to control costs, minimize transcription and increase speed of document delivery times.


Increase Workflow

Inputting data into the EHR is a poor use of clinician time and takes away from personal interaction with patients. The use of a voice recognition solution combined with a skilled transcription editor boosts productivity gains by 69% and lowers costs.

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