Document Editing

Qualified Editors

Our seasoned editors focus on correcting and editing the doctor's speech dictation, text and/or reports with accuracy and speed. We can provide different editing for different clients based on their individual needs.

Range of Motion

Basic Editing

SIS editors can do basic editing of speech recognized drafts from correcting grammatical errors, filling in blanks, etc.

Compose Workers Comp Reports

Build the entire report via dictation/instruction-Editors correct the reports based on the doctor’s dictation including obtaining prior reports, inserting text based on doctor’s dictation, correcting blanks, including private and work comp and op reports. 


Editors that can handle any of  trained in correcting blanks, formatting to more advance of constructing QME/AME reports including histories, physical exams and medical record reviews. 

We do the rest

Editors compose all initial consults and med legal reports with the doctor only dictating the review of diagnostic studies, diagnosis and discussion, and we do the rest including the physical exam.

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